energy storage for ev

If 100% of the UKs cars go electric it will generate an additional 6GW of demand on the grid at peak times, this extra demand would be equal to 1 ⅓ more Londons in the UK. This increase in demand must be met through reinforcing the grid at strategic locations. 

Understanding how best to deliver that reinforcement, both in the near term and over the longer term, out to the UK government’s zero carbon ambition in 2050 is critical

Energy Storage will play a huge role in this reinforcement and the Energy Storage for EVs focus day will shine a light on the role of:

  • V2G and Smart Charging
  • Stationary energy storage
  • Mobile charging/private wire networks and 
  • Second life batteries 

“We need to reject the fossil fuels of the past and embrace an electric revolution in London’s transport.”

Sadiq Khan
Mayor of London