EV Investment Focus Day

The decarbonisation of transport and the attendant infrastructure investment required represents both a huge opportunity and an equally huge challenge.

There is a multi billion-pound opportunity to deploy capital to support the rollout of this infrastructure. Those people in the market who are looking for investment opportunities in and around infrastructure will see this as a new opportunity to deploy capital into the space.

Depending on the risk profile of the underlying investments, that may be private equity, venture capital, or classic infrastructure fund investors such as pension funds or insurance companies. They will be attracted to this sector because of the potential pipeline of projects and because the sector will have many of the fundamentals that core infrastructure assets have, but with a slightly different risk profile.

The Finance and Investment Focus Day at Everything EV Live: London will focus on key areas:

     EV infrastructure as an asset class

     Charging infrastructure ROI & business models

     How to best deploy limited public funds

     Addressing investment uncertainty around charging standards and obsolescence

“We need to reject the fossil fuels of the past and embrace an electric revolution in London’s transport.”

Sadiq Khan
Mayor of London