2022 Agenda 

The Energy Storage Summit runs from 23-24 February. On the 24th of Febrary there is an EV stream looking at EV Energy Strategies.

 - 09:45
Panel Discussion
Opening Panel: Batteries Vs. Grid Upgrades - When Is Installing A Battery The Cheaper Option To Support Deploying Chargers?
  • Assessing how batteries can provide lower cost solutions to offset the increased power demands of EVs and allow installers to have a stand-alone source of power
  • How do you identify whether renewables can be added to further supplement chargers, and remove the need for grid upgrades?
  • Outlining the costs and practicalities of connecting to the grid: how do you assess the load required for charging vehicles, and what are the timescales for infrastructure connections and upgrades?
  • Explaining the application process for grid connections, and how to work closer with DNOs to understand grid demands
Deborah Turner
, Land Development Manager
, National Grid
Grazia Todeschini
, Reader in Energineering
, Kings College London
Jacob Roberts
, Transport Policy Advisor
, Renewable Energy Association (REA)
Paul Jewell
, System Development Manger
, Western Power Distribution
 - 10:10
How Ofgem Is Encouraging Smart Charging To Decrease Costs For EV Charging
  • How Ofgem plans to cut electricity costs centres with increased use of electric vehicles, smart charging and vehicle-to-grid technology, reducing the need for extra power plants and lowering bills for consumers
  • A behind the scenes look at Ofgem’s investment strategy, with £300m already committed to develop EV infrastructure, including rapid charge points and billions more due to follow in network investment
  • Regulatory environment – what will the standards for how chargers and storage integrate with the grid be?
 - 10:30
Keynote: Understanding The Business Models To Deploy Batteries And Renewables For Charging Stations
  • Establishing a microgrid to reduce grid connection costs when deploying large scale destination charging
  • Procurement challenges for batteries and solar panels
  • Understanding the technical demands to integrate multiple technologies at scale
 - 11:00
 - 11:30
Presentation: Assessing The Energy Demands And Infrastructure Required To Electrify Fleets
  • Assessing the energy demand of a fleet, the potential grid upgrade and connection costs, and how batteries or PV panels could mitigate some of the cost
  • Breaking down the flexible energy tariffs businesses will need to ensure that they don’t overspend whilst charging vehicles at irregular intervals
  • Optimising battery management to extend the lifetime of cars. Using smart charging to charge more efficiently and balance the state of heath of internal batteries
Jonathan Murray
, Policy & Operations Director
, Zemo Partnership
 - 12:00
Presentation: Procurement Challenges For Businesses Deploying Batteries Alongside Chargers
  • What are the main risks or considerations when purchasing batteries or PV for integration alongside chargers?
  • An analysis of the latest technologies available, and how different battery chemistries or technologies might affect integration
  • How businesses can assess their needs to determine the right purchase for their project, an avoid long term degradation or obsolescence
 - 12:30
Addressing The Cyber Security Threats To The Energy Grid From Charging Infrastructure

Outlining the threat to chargepoints, including large-scale cyber-attacks that also compromise the security of the power grid, threatening not only E-Mobility but the electricity infrastructure itself

Dan Clarke
, Head of Innovation
, Energy Networks Association
 - 14:00
 - 14:40
Panel Discussion
Panel: How Smart Charging Can Increase Grid Flexibility And Reduce Costs For Businesses & EVs
  • How can customers be convinced to reduce demand at certain points of the day, to increase capacity available on the grid during times of day or reduce upgrade costs
  • A deep dive into optimising tariffs and charges for businesses charging fleets or employee’s vehicles, and EV users, including day, night, and weekend tariffs
  • With estimates that flexibility will only account for 15% extra load on the grid, how do you balance both flexibility and physical grid upgrades
Chris Barlow
, Innovation Director
, Smart DCC
David Gibbin
, Energy Flexibility Manager
, Severn Trent Water Ltd
Jarrod Birch
, Senior Policy Advisor
, Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS)
Neil Smith
, Grid 2.0
 - 15:05
Presentation: Creating An Integrated Energy System; Integrating EVs Into A Smart Energy System

A behind the scenes look at how sites including chargers, batteries and renewables can be optimised virtually, examining the various technologies and software solutions capable of integrating and controlling them all.

Akos Reveska
, Senior Research Fellow
, Southbank Uni
 - 15:30
Presentation: How Community Energy Projects Mitigate Energy Supply Challenges For Rural EV Charging
  • Putting consumers at the heart of the energy system to provide a sense of ownership in the energy transition, and accelerates the transition to a zero-carbon energy system.
  • How infrastructure providers and DNOs can engage with community energy projects, and even support clean transport in communities in rural or geographically isolated areas
Peter Long
, Project Manager
, Community Energy Scotland
 - 16:00
 - 17:00
Panel Discussion
Panel: The Future Of V2G; Can It Provide Long Term Energy Storage As Scale?
  • Examining if V2G will reduce the need for physical battery storage in the future, or will be used in conjunction with it
  • Will V2G only be feasible for fleets, or are residential applications possible at scale?
  • Can V2G provide substantial, forecastable income for businesses? Can this mitigate some of the upfront costs for EV and ChargePoint procurement?
  • Understanding manufacturer’s plans for V2G – do they see it a compelling concept, and how do they plan to integrate it into their vehicles?
Greg Payne
, Modelling and Simulation Lead
, Cenex
Rob Mangan
, Senior Policy Advisor
, Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS)
Thalia Skoufal
, Transport Practice Manager
, Energy Systems Catapult